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Grandfather's Stories 

Grandfather's Stories was developed to promote children's stories that teach morals, values, and life lessons to our children. At the same time benefiting children's charities. (100% of all profits are given to children’s charities)

Years ago families told stories around the pot-bellied stove, in front of the fireplace, at bedtime or whenever. Through these stories they taught their children about life and instilled in them things like truth, respect, responsibility, morals, values, and a love of God and nature.

With the advent of TV, the Internet, and modern technology, we are losing the art of fireside stories. It is our hope that Grandfather's Stories will stimulate once again the telling or reading of stories to our children. Children love to hear stories, and what parent hasn't been amazed when their child wants to hear the same story over and over again. That process not only stimulates and intrigues their minds, but also reinforces the bonds that are created between the storyteller and the listener. By telling or reading a story to a child you are not only giving the gift of the story, you are giving the gift of 'you'.

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